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Industry: Agriculture, Bakery & Baked Goods, Beverage, Candy & Confectionary, Dairy, Egg Products, Fish/Seafood, Ingredients, Food Equipment, Frozen/Refrigerated Foods, Fruits & Vegetables, Gourmet Foods, Grocery, Hispanic Specialty Foods, Meat – Red, Meat – White, Poultry, Organic, Pasta, Pet Foods/Animal Feeds, Household Products, Sauces/Condiments, Savory, Snack Foods, Soups, Other, Food Safety/Sanitation, Breakfast Foods
Address: 5720 204th st sw, Lynnwood, WA 98036
Website: http://wesmarcompany.com
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Wesmar Company provides Comprehensive Solutions for Food Safety, Cleaning, Sanitation and Water and Wastewater Treatment needs. We develop, manufacture and market cleaning, sanitizing & water treatment compounds for food processing and industrial plants.

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Wesmar Company - OR
Wesmar Company, Inc.?? is a Northwest based manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation compounds for use in food processing plan...
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