Video interviews are on the rise due to the convenience during the initial stages of screening candidates. It saves time for both you as the candidate, and the employer during the entire hiring process.

It’s great, how much easier is it to dress professional from the shoulders up, and wear sweatpants on the bottom?

While there are many benefits, there can be a few issues that arise so follow these tips to ensure your video interview goes smoothly:

1. Log in early

Similar to showing up punctual to an interview, arrive early to the platform! Technology is unpredictable and you want to avoid any delays.  Being their early lets you test your mic and speaker volumes ahead of time.

These problems could add to your already high stress levels and make you come off as unprepared. If everything is set up in a orderly fashion, you will be able to perform in a professional and confident manner.

2. Run through a trial

Understanding the platform, you are working with before the interview is important to ensure you don’t run into any hiccups.

You may have a set amount of time allocated for your interview, the more time you spend on technology support, means less time to talk about your skills.

3. Emphasize body gestures

Due to the lack of personability online communication can cause, it does take a bit more effort on your end to really sell yourself.

Being sure to still portray open body language, eye contact and hand gestures. Throwing in a smile every so often is a small trick to make you feel more optimistic to the interviewer.  Be sure to start the call with a smile.

4. Clean up the surrounding environment

They say a clean environment results in a clear mind! Be sure to have the area that will be captured by the camera looking neat and tidy.

The best recommendation is to sit in front of a blank wall, avoiding have too much clutter that will distract the person conducting the interview.

5. Reduce distractions

Depending on your living situation this can either be simple or require some pre-planning. If you have children or pets, ensure they are not in the room with you, or you may want to consider having a sitter to avoid distractions.

You should be treating the interview as professionally as you would if you were not at home.


The five tips above are best practices for preparing for your next video interview. Be sure to remain just as professional online as you would in person!