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Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics
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Moab UT
Not Specified
$150,000 to $190,000
Yes - Position is based in Moab, Utah with hybrid remote opportunity.
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Director/VP Materials Mgmt., Import/Export, Logistics Management
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Full Time

At The Synergy Company™, we believe that everyone deserves to be well—in body, mind, and spirit. Our intrinsic care for the well-being of people inspires our work to create the most natural and effective dietary supplement products. Our formulas, ingredients, and processes preserve and protect the many gifts and advantages of nature while utilizing the innovations of modern nutritional science. We stand out in the business world by aligning our entire organization with our independent ownership and values driven stewardship. We foster meaningful work for our entire staff that supports the whole person and affirm the highest standards in our finished products that provide genuine benefit to the health and well-being of our consumers.

Founded in 1992, we choose to remain privately owned and directly engaged. As a certified B Corp, we intentionally manage every detail of our business from start to finish, leaving nothing to chance—from the organic soil growing our carefully sourced heirloom seeds to the protective oxygen impermeable seals on our glass bottles. We source our premium ingredients from the highest-quality, most sustainable producers around the world. Those ingredients are manufactured into our products in our award-winning, wind-powered, certified organic facility located in beautiful Moab, Utah—an adventure-filled destination that is envied the world over. We keep full control of our ingredients, manufacturing, and distribution—giving us the independence to guarantee the highest possible quality standards and the most valuable consumer experience. We prioritize our consumers by offering our Pure Synergy® products direct from our factory through our e-commerce platform and we couple that with a highly knowledgeable and caring consumer service team.

Today, The Synergy Company™ is building upon its remarkable success. We are poised to enter new markets and continue expanding our positive impact. We are innovating and implementing new ways of thinking and working. But perhaps most importantly, we are actively aligning our company—down to its ownership, governance, organization, and culture—towards our long-term purpose of consumer and employee wellness, lifting-up our community, and environmental sustainability.

About the Role

The Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics will lead our supply work in ways that deliver increasingly greater value to Synergy’s consumers while honoring and uplifting the environmental and social systems inherent in each step of our supply network. The ideal candidate will deeply resonate with the opportunity to share the company’s worldview and will be enduringly committed to utilizing our platform to enhance the health and well-being of people, place, and planet. They will educate, motivate, inspire, and transform our entire team, our vendors, and our consumers. This role requires thought leadership and innovation within a complex, global network—including agriculture/growers, processors, and suppliers—as well as detailed management of a high-paced, results-focused team. 

We are seeking candidates who are eager to seize hold of a uniquely rewarding and challenging opportunity that surpasses simply impacting the bottom line of a company and their own bank account, but who also aspire to directly impact our consumers, our employees, our communities, and the world to which we are all connected. This will be a dream job for supply chain experts who have always dreamed of the opportunity to lead values-driven decisions that consistently prioritize long-term value for supply partners, consumers, company, and planet.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Have developed and demonstrated deep expertise and credentials across all areas of supply chain management, purchasing, warehousing/inventory, and logistics management; all the knowledge and technical skills conventionally required of a world-class supply chain leader.
  • Be passionate about and consistently committed to innovating, elevating, and transforming current systems and practices within the agriculture, processing, and supply industries—even to the point of helping pioneer and set new regenerative and sustainability standards.
  • Embody our Shared Values of respect, integrity, sustainability, and exploration—in both how they work and in how they live their life.
    • Respect: They recognize that each human soul has infinite value that is independent of a company or its business; originating from this core belief, they consistently and naturally exemplify respect through their opinions, actions, and communications; they challenge and enable all employees to continually improve their performance and the conditions under which they work.
    • Integrity: They are devoted to quality, and exhibit honesty, fairness, responsibility, loyalty, and accountability in all that they do.
    • Sustainability: They prioritize creating and delivering long-term consumer value over gaining short-term business advantage; they organize and guide the company to be a dependable resource for our consumers, employees, suppliers, and community—now and into the future.
    • Exploration: They uncover innovative ideas, opportunities, and solutions through relentless inquiry; they embrace change and promote continuous learning and improvement.
  • Embody a passionate and comprehensive connection to The Synergy Company’s™ mission:
    • We share an enduring commitment to nourish and enhance your life experience, cultivating the innate potential within each of us,
      nurturing the health and well-being of people, place, and planet.
    • Committed to verified social and environmental responsibility (e.g., B Corp Certification, regenerative agriculture, net zero, etc.) and stakeholder driven decision-making.
    • Maintains a personal lifestyle that is in sync with and reflects the company Mission Statement and Shared Values


Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities

Supply Chain Management

  • Manage and transform the supply network to support long-term and scalable ingredient availability, reliability, consistency, price consciousness, and quality.
  • Implement systems and processes that ensure environmental and social standards of excellence are upheld throughout the supply chain.
  • Coordinate continuous improvement of ingredient and material sourcing strategy, criteria, metrics, best practices, and certifications that add value for our mission and our consumers.
  • Collaborate with the Research & Development Team in the development of and onboarding of new materials and new vendors.

Planning and S&OP

  • Lead a cross-functional team in a recurring process using consumer demand forecasts to plan operational performance and cost of future fulfillment logistics, finished goods inventories, production, staging, warehousing, raw material inventories, receiving, inbound logistics, and purchasing.
  • Lead in presenting developed plans for executive review and approval.
  • Lead the adaptation and optimization of developed plans.


  • Supervise and lead improvement of a direct team responsible for executing the purchase of all materials and ingredients.
  • Lead the use, management, and improvement of all associated tools and systems.
  • Develop, implement, and improve a supplier program for exceptional quality and ongoing supplier improvement.
  • Lead the creation, maintenance, and advancement of productive and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

Inbound Logistics

  • Supervise and lead improvement of a direct team responsible for managing the in-transit and inbound logistics of all materials and ingredients from a global array of sources: transport/freight partners, customs, accompanying certificates/documents, etc.


  • Supervise and lead improvement of a direct team responsible for executing all warehouse operations, including receiving, conveying, storing, inventorying, recording, staging, shipping, etc.
  • Supervise and lead improvement of the warehouse team’s use, maintenance, and improvement of all warehouse facilities and equipment.
  • Lead the use, management, and improvement of all associated tools and systems.

Outbound Logistics, Channel, and Consumer Fulfillment

  • Supervise and lead improvement of a direct team responsible for managing the fulfillment of finished goods into Synergy’s various channels: transport/freight partners, customs, accompanying certificates/documents, etc.
  • Lead the partnership with Synergy’s third-party logistics (3PL) companies to fulfill products directly to consumers.
  • Supervise the fulfillment team in tracking, managing, and leading improvement in 3PL performance.

Industry Networking & Leadership

  • Search out and contribute to industry events, forums, and connections that contribute to industry transformation and skills development and transfer.
  • Stay connected with the state-of-the-art in supply chain management, logistics, and work management—particularly within the domain of Synergy’s industry.
  • Infuse your knowledge and expertise into Synergy.

Operations Leadership

  • Participate actively in an Operations Leadership Council with Production and Quality leads and the Chief Operating Officer.

Senior Management

  • Participate as a peer with other senior leaders of the company and with the executive team in developing plans and approaches for the company.
  • Lead or participate with other senior leaders in taking on difficult and/or critical projects impacting company success.
  • Coach and support other leaders in their development.
  • In alignment with Synergy’s values, create, share, and continually update a strategic vision and roadmap for future work across sourcing handoffs, planning, purchasing, warehousing, and fulfillment.
  • Provide expert input and advice to leaders outside your reporting domain.


  • Track, manage, coach, and lead improvement of key performance metrics within planning, purchasing, inbound logistics, warehouse, and channel/consumer fulfillment.
  • Achieve and maintain a deep understanding of all workflows, resources, roles/responsibilities, capacities, constraints, costs, critical criteria, etc. through all sourcing handoffs, planning, purchasing, warehousing, and fulfillment. Lead the mapping, documentation, and improvement of all performance through these areas.
  • Lead Supply Chain & Logistics teams and staff in improvement by leading the change of work, approaches, and systems to deliver continuously more value to consumers while expending continuously less costs.
  • Participate in the selection and onboarding of new employees.
  • Based on performance, make recommendations regarding wage adjustments, promotions, transfers, demotions, or discharges.
  • Implement appropriate corrective action after consultation with People & Culture Team.
  • Participate with peers in the budgeting process. Manage and maintain budgets for all areas reporting to the VP Supply Chain & Logistics.
  • Prepare budget-compliant production schedules, lead times, and ship dates supporting variable sales forecasts and consumer orders.
  • Lead your teams in developing and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all routine/recurring work.
  • Supervise the administration of all employee time submissions, PTO approvals, department expenses, etc.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the following essential functions.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • A demonstrated track record of leading and implementing all aspects of Lean work: long-term decision-making and systems thinking, flow, pull, level loading, standardization, stop-and-fix, visual management, judicious automation, developing people and expanding subordinate’s responsibilities, continuous/incremental/scientific problem-solving, and aligning goals.
  • A demonstrated track record of long-term, productive, and improving supplier relationships.
  • Knowledge of agriculture, plant processing methods/equipment, and natural products industries, including certifications like organic, non-GMO, regenerative organic certified, etc.
  • Extensive experience in sourcing, purchasing, and procuring high-quality natural products.
  • Clear, compelling, and uplifting communications—both written and verbal.
  • Building respectful, professional relationship with other people—with those working for you, those in other departments, and with leaders.
  • A consumer value mindset.
  • Extensive knowledge of IT systems for planning, purchasing, logistics, warehousing, and fulfillment; ERP and MRP standards.
  • Knowledge of production equipment in the dietary supplements or food processing industry.
  • Expert ability and orientation towards training others to solve problems using a continuous/incremental/scientific approach.
  • Expert proficiency in leading rapid process improvement events and projects: PDCA, DMAIC, Six Sigma and Lean toolsets.
  • People management, conflict resolution, motivation.
  • Project management.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft/Google Office Suite.
  • Detail-oriented and organized.
  • Navigating multiple priorities by importance and urgency.
  • A polite, helpful, and friendly demeanor.



  • A compelling vision of and commitment to better agricultural, processing, and supplier operations and practices—including emerging/future industry standards.
  • A clear and compelling vision of future/better Department operations/workflow, systems, processes, tools, organization structure, and outcomes.
  • Ability to develop, implement, track, and be held accountable for real-time metrics that reveal the Department’s increasing productivity (adding more and more value to the Company/consumers with less and less cost).
  • Ability to promote and protect employee safety and wellness as the highest priority.
  • A deportment and work style that promotes and exemplifies the Company values of Respect, Integrity, Sustainability, and Exploration within the Department and across the Company.
  • The experience, initiative, and resourcefulness to develop, carry out, and follow through on original action with minimal to no supervision.
  • A passion and ability for educating, transforming, lifting others to better ways of seeing, thinking, and working.
  • A passion for developing and coaching Department employees, evidenced by reserving time and priority for its accomplishment.
  • Organizing, leading, and managing of work using best practices of long-term thinking, flow, pull, work leveling, standardization, built-in quality, visual control, judicious technology, developing people and partners.
  • Seeking out problems and enabling scientific problem-solving: discovery, scoping, short-term countermeasures, root cause analysis, long-term solutions, and updated controls and standards.
  • A habit of individual, incremental, daily improvement of work, environment, and self.


Experience and Education Required

  • A track record of consistently successful outcomes with advancing responsibilities in previous work, school, and/or civic assignments.
  • Extensive supply chain and logistics experience in dietary supplements, natural products, food manufacturing/packaging, or similar industries.
  • APICs or equivalent/related supply chain management certification.
  • Demonstrated experience in S&OP processes, ideally in a leadership role.
  • Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent; Masters degree or equivalent experience preferred.


The Synergy Company™ provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment. This applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation, and training. The Synergy Company™ will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any protected characteristic.

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