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Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Inc. was founded in Milbank, South Dakota in 1929. Valley Queen was founded by two Swiss immigrants with a knack for cheese making.

Valley Queen is an active member of the International Dairy Foods Association, National Association of Manufacturers, Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, South Dakota Dairy Association, North Central Cheese Industries Association, South Dakota Family Business Initiative, South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Grant County Development Corporation, and Milbank Chamber of Commerce.

Valley Queen was an award of excellence recipient of the Kraft Foods Rick Stuedemann Award for supplier excellence. As the first award recipient in the dairy category, Valley Queen was recognized for; development of and continuous improvement in low fat natural cheeses, exceptional process control, and extraordinary service and quality performance in research and development projects.

Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Inc. has been family owned and operated since its beginning in 1929. Actively managing the business are Mark Leddy and Dave Gonzenbach serving as Co-CEOs.

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