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The curriculum in our Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences is designed to provide a balanced education for undergraduate students as well as to provide our dietetics majors with the academic requirements to meet the ADA criterion for becoming a Registered Dietitian. Both the Dietetics and NFS Majors provide our students with a generous amount of free elective credits that provide ample opportunity for them to build a customized program of study to meet their educational and professional needs. Hence, our majors receive a broad based, liberal arts education while specializing in the study of human nutrition and food as a preventive and therapeutic health science.

Nutrition & Food Scinces (NFS) is our most flexible major since the student can custom design it to fit their educational and career goals. This major requires students to select four NFS courses in addition to the NFS core of courses required for all department majors. Many students wishing to integrate nutrition into a holistic approach to health care through human medicine (including osteopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy ) chose this major for PRE-MEDICAL studies.

FOOD SCIENCES prepares students for careers in the commercial food processing industry or in professions where the knowledge of food and beverage, nutrient content of foods, eating behavior, and the role of food in society is critical. Food is an $800 billion dollar a year business and commercial food processing is the largest

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