University of New Hampshire

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Durham, NH 03824
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The Department of Animal & Nutritional Sciences at the University of New Hampshire offers two distinct undergraduate programs both leading to the bachelors of science degree: Animal Sciences and Nutritional Sciences. The Animal Sciences program offers two majors: animal science (with options in equine sciences, bioscience and technology, and preveterinary medicine) and dairy management.

The Nutritional Sciences program also offers two curricula to meet the educational needs of students with differing professional aspirations: the basic science curriculum and the dietetics curriculum. Further information regarding these programs can be accessed through the links below. The Department of Animal and Nutritional Sciences is primarily housed in Kendall Hall, a modern five-story animal research facility. In addition to faculty and administrative offices, this building houses the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Lab; an electron microscopy facility with both transmission and scanning electron microscopes; and nutrition, physiology, and cell culture labs, all of which provide opportunities for students interested in basic animal and nutritional sciences. Kendall Hall also houses a small, networked cluster of computers reserved exclusively for the department's undergraduate and graduate students. The university's collection of books and journals relating to the life sciences, as well as computerized databases for the medical and biological sciences, is also located on the

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