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Nutrition affects people at all ages and stages of life. The health of an individual, group or population is related to eating behaviors and food intake. Nutrition professionals must understand the science of nutrition, from the biochemistry of cellular nutrition to the application of that science to individuals, groups, and populations. The nutritional needs of growth and development, pregnancy, a specific disease state, or advancing age challenge professionals to use their knowledge to assess individuals or communities and provide information and effective interventions or services. The Human Nutrition Program provides a curriculum that accommodates ever-changing scientific knowledge as well as the breadth of knowledge gained from other public health disciplines and hands on experiences. Students learn in multiple ways as they seek to apply classroom lessons to community problems. The varied backgrounds of students provide stimulation for new thinking about solutions to problems. For students interested in becoming a Registered Dietitian, an American Dietetic Association approved dietetics program is available.

Upon completion of the Human Nutrition program, students find employment opportunities in public health settings such as local, state or federal agencies, as well as non-profit agencies, the food and nutrition industry and research organizations. Nutrition as a component of health promotion and disease prevention is an important part of the nation's health

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