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If you are interested in the quality and safety of food, have a special interest in science or engineering and would like an opportunity to work almost anywhere in the world, then you should consider majoring in Food Science and Technology. A food scientist applies chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences to the production, processing, preservation, evaluation, and distribution of food products. Food scientists ensure the availability of a safe, acceptable, and nutritious selection of foods for the world's consumers.

In terms of value of shipments, food processing is the largest manufacturing industry in the United States. Graduates of the UT Food Science and Technology program have career options in a variety of food industries, such as dairy products, meat and meat products, fruit and vegetable products, and cereal products. There are many employment opportunities, including positions in quality assurance, production management, marketing, new product research and development, food/flavor chemistry, and sensory evaluation. There also are positions in state and federal government in food safety and quality inspection.

National assessments project that within the next decade, the demand for food science graduates working in the food industry will exceed the available supply by 10-15 percent. According to recent reports, food science-related careers are among the top job prospects for the 21st century. Salaries are competitive with most ot

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