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The department of Animal and Food Sciences offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in both Animal Science and Food Technology.

Students pursuing a B.S. in animal science may choose from four emphasis areas: business, production, science, or meat science. The business option prepares students for careers in all facets of livestock production and subsidiary support services by blending animal science with business and economics courses. The production option provides the latest scientific principles for efficient livestock production, marketing, and processing. The science option provides training in advanced basic sciences to prepare students for study towards an advanced degree. The meat science option is designed for students with a deep interest in meat science and prepares students for careers job placement in the meat industry or advance degrees in meat science. The department also directs the pre-professional course preparation for veterinary medicine.

Food technology provides the basic course work for a comprehensive background in the processing and preservation of foods. Food technology graduates may be employed in areas concerned with food systems management, design and development of new food products, strategies for quality assurance and food safety, or research in basic constituents of food.

The increasing pressure of world population growth on available food supply assures a stable, growing job market for food technology stud

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