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Nutrition and food sciences have advanced dramatically over the past 100 years and have contributed to the development of an abundant, nutritious and health-promoting food supply for millions of people around the world. Nutrition is involved in almost all of the processes of human life; however, it is central to growing concerns of obesity and severe chronic health diseases. Food science addresses the primary source of the nutrients used to maintain these processes and to optimize metabolism. The future health and well-being of the world is incumbent on the nutrition and food sciences disciplines, and their role in maintaining health and preventing and treating diseases.


The Department of Nutrition and Food Science will direct its efforts to becoming a nationally-ranked department that advances and integrates nutrition and food science through excellence in learning, discovery, scholarship, technology and engagement by promoting optimal health, safe foods, and nutritious food choices for Texans and the world.


Through the advancement and integration of the disciplines of nutrition and food sciences, the mission of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science will be to:

* Serve as a nationally- recognized leader in undergraduate and graduate programs that prepares students for leadership roles in academia, industry, and government;

* Discover new knowledge and technologies which further the un

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