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Industry: Agriculture, Commodities, Confections, Ingredients, Grocery
Address: P.O. Box 3022, Fargo, ND 58102
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Red River Commodities, Inc. is a leading processor of confectionary sunflower products. A variety of inshell sunflower seed and kernel options insure we have a product to meet your requirements. Our sunflower products are available as a raw ingredient or roasted/flavored to meet customer needs. We also offer the following other specialty crop ingredients - flaxseed, hulled millet, sorghum and roasted/flavored soynuts.Our SunGold Foods division offers SunButter, which is a peanut free substitute for peanut butter made from sunflower kernel. In addition, suflower products, flaxseed, hulled millet and SunButter are all available in an organic product line. SunButter Ingredients/Additives Non-GMO Ingredients Nuts And Legumes Organic Ingredients

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Red River Commodities - Fargo, ND
Job Summary: The Inventory Control Specialist will maintain the organizations inventory, ordering and supplying necessary ...
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Red River Commodities - Fargo, North Dakota, ND
Description   Red River Commodities is seeming a Procurement and Purchasing Manager  who will oversee the purchase of f...
Updated 23 days ago 
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