Springside Chesse

1990 Litchfield Turnpike
Woodbridge, CT 54154
Company Information:
Wayne R. Hintz and family purchase a small cheese factory. Springside Cheese is incorporated in October, 1972. The company begins with 60 dairy farmers supplying 17000 pounds of milk each day, of which 52 of the farmers ship their milk in 10 gallon milk cans and 8 of the farms are picked up by a bulk truck. With the help of 2 employees, the incoming milk is turned into 1700 pounds of Cheddar 40 pound blocks, 7 days a week.

Production is shifted from 40 pound blocks to Cheddar 12 pound midgets and 22 pound daises. With this change, an additional employee is hired and a new packaging system installed. This new system includes the additional surface drying of the cheese and the application of a paraffin wax coating.

Springside begins to receive the majority of the milk via larger and more efficient bulk trucks instead of 10 gallon milk cans. With this transformation, the installation of (bulk) storage tanks becomes necessary to hold the milk until processing. Employment is increased to 6 and the total daily milk intake is at 20000 pounds.

Construction of a new manufacturing facility and retail store, located 4 miles south of the original plant, begins. Cheese production grows to 4000 pounds daily, supplying 5 wholesale accounts with distribution reaching throughout the Midwest. Colby and Monterey Jack 40 pound blocks are added to the Springside product line.

Production running 19 hours a day, 6 days a week turning 140000 pounds of milk

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