Spectrum Organic Products

1304 South Point Boulevard, Suite 280
Petaluma, CA 94954
Company Information:
Spectrum's product offerings have expanded to include certified organic supplement and culinary oils, vinegars and mayonnaise, and an array of delicious, healthy dressings and spreads.

We see what we do as being a series of intertwining threads that make up the fabric of who we are as a company. At Spectrum that means a deep commitment to goodness through People, Product, Process and Planet. Each step weaves into the others, making an impact on the pattern of the whole. If these four values represent the threads in the Spectrum tapestry, there are another two that act as the warp and weft; these are the Passion and Pioneering spirit that Jethren has infused the company with from the start. Our values and vision have kept us on the vanguard of the natural food industry, illustrated by the number of innovations we've brought to market.

Spectrum Organic Products, Inc.
5341 Old Redwood Hwy., Suite 400
Petaluma, CA 94954

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