Show interest in the work

When asked why you’re interested in the position, you need to sound enthusiastic about the job itself. This is especially important for lower-level positions, as you don’t want to sound more excited about getting any job, rather than actually doing the job you’re applying for. Employers are looking for people who are excited about that specific role, as they will more likely be committed and invested in the work.

Show interest in the job

Are you interested in the job? Or are you interested in the company? Regardless of whether you want to specifically work for the company, or simply love the role you’re applying for, your answer to “Why are you interested in this role?” should be geared towards the specific position, rather than the company itself. Why? Hiring managers want to hear that you are passionate about the day-to-day responsibilities you will be completing, rather than the broader company, where you might not be as involved.

This point is especially true if the company you are applying to is well-known for being an exciting place to work, like Google, for example. Hiring managers for these types of companies will get many applicants who express excitement about working for that specific company but haven’t put much thought into the job itself.

It’s not a bad thing to be excited to work for a certain company, but your answer should be tailored to the job requirements as they most likely want to hire someone who is passionate about the job they will be doing.

Align answer with career goals

When answering the above question, it’s important to align your answer with your career goals. This shows the hiring manager that you have put some thought into not only the specific job you’re applying for, but how it can further your career and benefit the company. Make sure you don’t focus specifically on the future in your answer though, you don’t want the hiring manager to think that you are just using this position as a stepping stone to move on to another company.

Research/understand the job requirements

When applying for positions, make sure you read and fully understand all the job requirements. Often applicants will sift through the job requirements and pick-out 1 or 2 tasks that stand out to them, thinking that’s what their main responsibilities will be if they got the position. Hiring managers notice this when applicants focus their excitement on one certain task, when that could only be a very small portion of their potential requirements.