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NY Tonawanda

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Production Operations

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Peter's Machine Operator

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Frosting shoveling: Responsible for using the correct frosting formula and following the correct target weight by using the die count / target weight book located by the weigh station area. You will also have to record the formula type, weight, and times of frosting being used onto your daily frosting and inspection sheet. Frosting carts need to be used in the order they were made. This information is located on a label that is located on the top of the batches along with the formula number. When carts are emptied out they should be scraped along the sides and parked next to the full carts so that they are brought back down to the mixing department.

Frosting Change Over: Dig out frosting vat by hand wearing green gloves and place into BLUE buckets or back into unused frosting cart. Scrape inside of vat to remove heavy frosting Remove top and clean under side with scrapper and towels Inspect and clean outside of vat at this time After the lead person has checked the vat, fill vat with new product and purge out pump and lines using the P.L.C. panel located on the Peters machine When machine is started, note weights and adjust to proper target weight using P.L.C. panel Insure BLUE buckets are placed on pallet and label is correctly filled out. (Formula ## Date: Exp. Date: Time: Lot ## Shift: P.M.O Initial.) Frosting in buckets must be put on a cart. Peanut goes on a separate skid with an orange tag indicating "allergen". Buckets with plastic may not be stacked inside of each other, overflowing, or have frosting on the outer sides of the buckets.

The P.M.O. must always follow the color code system according to what product we are running.

Purple gloves are to be used with any Peanut frosting. Green gloves will be used for all other products. Green gloves must be worn when cleaning out any frosting vats.

Aprons must also be changed whenever they become soiled. Aprons must always be changed at the end of a Peanut clean up. Report any torn or missing gloves to your lead person immediately. There are 2 different sinks (1 sink on line 3) to be used for washing hands. You should never have a product / flavor on the vats or Peter's machine that is not being ran. The lead person will communicate to you when flavor changes are coming. There is also a sink and a die wash area for cleaning shovels and utensils. Make sure that all of the heavy frosting is removed before washing these items in these areas so that the drains do not get plugged. Change aprons after frosting flavor change overs. Also, aprons must be worn full length when running peanut.

Programmable Logic Control Operation. (Panel View) This is what controls your speeds and weights. Auto screen is your main screen To adjust the speed of the Peters machine you push the up arrow to make the speed faster. To make the speed slower you push the down arrow. If you need to adjust the speed a large amount push the button where the number display is and a new screen will appear with numbers on it. Enter in the numbers you want and push the arrow button in the top right corner and that will enter the amount you chose and return you to the auto screen. To adjust the weights use the arrow buttons the same way as above except you will use the one that says cream pump. To steady the weights and frosting flow do the same as above but instead of using the cream pump use the cream hopper. Always check your package weights after making any adjustments. To purge vat: On auto screen push and hold the setup screen button until the screen changes and a green button appears. Push the green button and the vat will start purging. To stop the purge cycle push the same button. While the vat is in purge cycle it turns red. Hour meter: On auto screen to reset hours to "0" push and hold the clear hour's button until the time returns to 0: 0. Status screen: By pushing this button the machine will tell you where you are having a problem. If a guard is open the screen will show a display of the machine showing you what guard is not working. Alarm screen: If you are having trouble with the machine this button will show you what is wrong. To return to main screen push the auto screen. Red screen: This screen will appear if a mechanic has the safe guards bypassed. If you need to get a different screen when this is on push "acknowledge this alarm" guards will still be bypassed , but you will be able to access the auto screen.

Peters Machine Operation.: The P.M.O. must be able to identify a problem and make the appropriate adjustments to the machinery by adjusting the following items: Pins - The pins need to be adjusted using a ½ inch wrench and or thumb screw. By turning these they will raise and lower the pin height so that the pin will hit the edge of the base cake in the desired area. Use the yellow jog button on the control box to line the base cake up to the pin Rails - The rails are what the sandwiches run between and are fairly easy and quick to adjust with an Allen wrench. There are 2 rails that run from the back of the machine to the front. By turning the hand adjuster left or right you will be able to open and close the rails to the desired position Cake detectors - There are 2 sets of these. The first set is just before the frosting die. These need to be adjusted correctly so that the machine will shut of when it senses no cookie. To adjust, ensure that a cookie is under adjust L-shaped bar with detector resting on it. (When there is no cookie it drops and shuts off machine so you don't get a big frosting mess). This is very important when running double stuff. By adjusting the cake detector arm against the cake detector block the sensor arm should activate the sensor to shut off the machine when a cookie is not present. The 2nd set of these is located after the chutes Cut of wire - This is located on top, behind die. This wire is to be adjusted when the frosting is not cutting off the die correctly. Turn left or right to adjust cutting wire forward or backward Chutes / Chute change line ## 1 push in the red emergency stop button. Turn the vibrator switch to the off position. Unscrew front chute turn it over, flip bar in back then set aside. Unscrew back chute turn it over flip bar in back and replace to opposite side and screw in. Put front chute on other side and screw in. Chute / Chute change line ## 2 push in the red emergency stop button. Turn the vibrator switch to the off position. Unscrew front chute turn it over flip bar in back set aside. Unscrew back chute, slide over screw put back in. Put front chute back in other side.

Tray machine set up: Tray size and box numbers can be found on the peters machine reference chart Turn off the air valve switch Open the tray dispenser rails with a 7/16 wrench, unscrew one side only. Slide the rails in and tighten the nuts Raise the front top vertical bars with a 7/16 wrench .The bar will lay on top of the trays. Adjust the top tabs to hold the trays in place. Adjust both sides the same Adjust the bottom tabs to hold the trays in place Raise or lower the top and bottom horizontal bars on both sides, depending on the depth of the tray Move arms with the suction cups with a 9/16 wrench to fit inside of tray on a flat surface, space the cups evenly Check and make adjustments as needed

Miscellaneous Good housekeeping and following all good manufacturing practices Keep peters machine swept out (never sweep out machine while running) All covers must be wiped down with paper towels. Ensure that the Blue PMO table is clean along with scrapers and shovels Small yellow pig food buckets under peters machine must be emptied into large yellow pig food barrel. Large yellow pig food barrel must be emptied into large gray pig food container. Make safety top priority Assisting other personnel as required or directed Any reasonable job or task assigned by a lead person or supervisor (i.e.: blowing out machines, housekeeping, etc.) Weigh area (scales) must be cleaned daily and whenever there is a frosting changeover.

Authority Making adjustments to machine Operation of machine

8. Basic Skills Required

Basic mechanical skills Teamwork Listening Effective communication - both written and verbal

9. Proper lock out/tag out procedures must be followed when required.

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