Peter The Chef Fine Food Limited

401 Humberline Dr., Suite #4
Toronto, ON M9W 6Y4
(416) 674-5800
Company Information:
For over 40 years, Peter the Chef has been actively involved in the catering industry, serving thousands of guests weekly. His success has been due to his excellent cuisine, authentic Italian recipes and premium quality ingredients.When you see "Peter the Chef Authentic Italian" cuisine, it is truly authentic in origin, taste, recipe and quality! The variety and versatility in the line of pastas, entrées and sauces produced by Peter the Chef line is extensive and will most certainly please the most discriminating individuals. You will also find tried and true favourites to please your loyal patrons.All Peter the Chef products are prepared fresh and then flash frozen. Portion control makes preparing food simple with no waste. To help build and maintain your profitability, take advantage of the savings your business can expect from Peter the Chef. All items will help eliminate the guess work, errors, wasted time, wasted product and ingredients. And there is no labour expense.

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