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Processing and Packaging Supplies Company (PAPSCO) and its sister company Vector Latina are leaders in providing a broad range of quality products and services to the processed meat industry throughout Latin America. Your productivity and profitability depend on superior processing and packaging solutions -- solutions from a company who knows and understands both the market and your needs. Our commitment is to provide you with value-added packaging products and processing equipment to meet your exacting specifications, to protect your products and help you reach new markets. Casings from Vector Latina offer a higher quality born of advanced technology. Co-extruded from several layers, our casings are absolutely stable in weight, resulting in a better end product for your customers and significant productivity and savings benefits for your company. Vector Latina shrink bags are particularly well suited for processed or stuffed meats such as hams, bacon and cured meats where the strength and sales appeal of the bag are critical.

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