Oversea Casing Co. Ltd.

22958 Fraser Highway
Langley, BC V2Z 2T9
(604) 534-7374
Company Information:
Founded in 1928, Oversea Casing is one of the world's largest suppliers of quality sheep casings. Our family has been in the sausage business for almost eight decades. We've been sausage makers as well as a supplier to the industry. Over Casing manufactures two types Casings: Natural Casings (Sheep, Hog and Beef Casings) and Artificial Casings (Collagen, Fibrous and Plastic Casings).The craftsmanship of creating sausages is deeply ingrained in the company which is now supplemented by Technology. It has made the company more efficient and enabled us to improve quality and supply. Advances in technology have allowed us to be more exacting in our specifications, to better facilitate the needs of our customers with casings that are easier and more efficient to stuff. Our supply chain has made us one of the world's largest suppliers of sheep casings. Our associations stretch to New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Denmark, South American and even China.

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