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Welcome to OSI
“Excellence in Food Industry Executive Recruitment”
OSI is a 20+ year-old search firm that specializes in the retained and contingency recruitment of food industry professionals. The firm’s Senior Partners each hold MS degrees in Food Science and have significant food industry experience.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality service, professionalism and ethics, while pleasing God in all that we do.

Who We Are

  • Strong commitment to professional representation of candidates and client companies.
  • Handle each search with the highest degree of ethical standards.
  • Member of Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS).
  • Member of Top Echelon.
  • Exceptionally strong technical database and networking capabilities.
  • Proven results with an extensive list of satisfied “long-term” candidates and client companies.

Dave Buergler - Senior Partner


Tim Oliver - Senior Partner