Omar Coffee Co., Inc.

41 Commerce Court
Newington, CT 06111
Company Information:
Omar Coffee Company history is as rich as our brews. Established in 1937 by John Costas, Omar Coffee has been a fixture in the Franklin Avenue community since 1939. John started out with a simple vision - and a single blend of coffee! Our product line has since multiplied and diversified, but our timeless philosophy has remained the same: Buy premium green coffee beans, slow roast them to perfection, and always deliver superior freshness and personalized service to all Omar Coffee customers.

According to legend, Omar was a 6th Century sheik who lived in the port city of Mocha - what we know today as Yemen. A terrible disease plagued the community. Miraculously, Omar cured the people of Mocha ... by brewing them coffee! Ever since, Omar has come to symbolize the magical powers of coffee - and coffee is our soothing, daily elixir.

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