Nostrano Inc.

6795, Rue Marconi
Montreal, QC H2S 3J9
(514) 271-4688
Company Information:
Founded over 50 years ago, Nostrano Inc. specializes in the production of premium dry cured deli meats in the traditional Italian manner. Nostrano also offers a line of premium quality cooked Italian deli meats, produced with the same care and attention as our dry cured products. Nostrano Brand deli meats can be found in the deli counter of all major supermarket chains in Quebec, as well as, in fine food emporiums in Canada and the United States. Nostrano deli meats come in a variety of formats for convenience and ease of use. Our facility in Montreal is HACCP accredited. Our facility is designated as beef exempt, which ensures that no beef or beef byproducts are present in our products

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