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The Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health is the legacy of an academic unit originally founded in the 1920s. Today, in recognition of the fundamental importance of food and nutrition to human life and pleasure; the growing demand for knowledgeable, skilled public health professionals, nutritionists, food managers, and food professionals, the department now trains students for a wide range of careers related to the role of food, nutrition, and health in modern society, culture, and business' domestically and internationally.

The Department's innovative mission is to educate students, professionals, and the public about the role of food, nutrition, and health in all aspects of life. Department programs apply and integrate this information through undergraduate, master's, or doctoral degree programs in four distinct but related areas of study: Nutrition and Dietetics, Food and Restaurant Management, Food Studies, and Public Health.

The undergraduate program in Nutrition and Food Studies leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in one of three areas of concentration: Nutrition and Dietetics, Food and Restaurant Management, or Food Studies. The three areas share core courses. and we encourage students to enroll in any one of them and take courses in the others. Half of all total credits are taken in NYU's College of Arts and Sciences, and our program gives all students a strong liberal education along with specialization in food or nutrition.

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