Neese Sausage

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The Neese Sausage history begins with Neese family members immigrating to the United States in the 1700s. As farmers, blacksmiths and horse and cattle traders, the Neese family harvested about everything they ate. Prior to 1900, the Neese family was making sausage for home consumption and by 1917, J.T. Neese was selling sausage and delivering it in a “prairie schooner” covered wagon, similar to the ones used in the great western movement.

J.T. began making sausage with a hand grinder and gradually built a trade in town. By 1925, a Dodge screen-sided truck had been acquired and sausage was made and packaged at night and was delivered by day. T.J.’s wife, Annie Smith Neese developed the Neese’s Sausage “special recipe” by using the right proportions of ham and other pork cuts as well as adding the right amount of seasonings including salt, sage, pepper and a few secret ingredients. Miss Annie also stirred up another famous Neese recipe in the 1920s for Liver Pudding. Using ground pork livers and other pork cuts along with a variety of seasonings, she added just enough corn to hold it all together.

Annie never added chemicals or preservatives to either sausage or liver pudding, a tradition the Neese family continues today. In 1925, T.J. and Annie’s son, Tom, graduated from high school and went into sausage making fulltime.

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