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Industry: Fruits & Vegetables
Address: P.O. Box 14532, Houston, TX 77221
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Flavor Potatoes, like MountainKing Butter Reds, Butter Golds, and Fingerlings, are revolutionizing the potato category in supermarkets across America. Farming Technology, Inc., in grocery stores with its MountainKing brand, is the world’s largest grower of high flavor potato varieties. Presently, about one million U.S. households enjoy MountainKing products each week. We want to build on that solid base. And we will expand our team geographically to help us do it.

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MountainKing Potatoes - Houston, TX
Job Description   MountainKing Potatoes, North America’s largest producer of fingerling potatoes, is ready to ...
Updated 6 days ago 
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