Montpak International Inc.

5730, Place Maurice-Cullen
Laval, QC H7C 2V1
(450) 665-9524
Company Information:
Established in 1959, Montpak International is a processor of a wide range of fresh, frozen and value-added veal products. Montpak International processing plants in Montreal and Sainte-Angele-de Premont are HACCP-accredited , and one of the largest federally inspected HACCP-accredited veal slaughter facilities is located in St-Germain, Quebec.Our production is monitored throughout our integrated supply chain by Agri-Traceabilite Québec (ATQ) We strive to satisfy our customers by offering both Milk-fed and Grain-fed veal products to food retailers, foodservice distributors, further processors, and end-users. Our program choices represent an opportunity for consumers to enjoy veal products of unique texture and taste. Montpak International is an industry leader in humane treatment of calves and is the first veal company in North America to be awarded “Humane Certification” by the American Humane Association for our NaturReserve Certified Grain-fed Veal program.

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