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About Mission Foods

Proudly Mexican, Mission Foods is a subsidiary of GRUMA, the world’s leading producer of tortilla products and an important competitor in other categories, such as tortilla chips, taco shells and flatbreads such as wraps, pita, naan and pizza dough.

It all began in 1949 when Don Roberto Gonzalez and his father formed a company called GRUMA S.A. in Mexico and revolutionized the corn flour and tortilla industries. Prior to that time, corn flour was produced in essentially the same labor-intensive way originated by the Aztecs hundreds of years earlier.

GRUMA has experienced exceptional growth worldwide with operations in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania with 79 production plants, and a strong presence in 112 countries across the globe, with its global brand MISSION, along with a large selection of local brands such as Guerrero in the U.S. Mission Foods expanded its operations to the United States in 1977. Since this date Mission has been creating fresh, authentic Mexican food products you can find in your local grocery store. With headquarters in Irving, Texas, Mission Foods currently has 22 manufacturing plants including the world’s largest tortilla plant in Los Angeles, California, which can reach a production of 25 million tortillas per day. 

Here at Mission, you’ll enjoy working in a fast-paced, challenging and fun environment with an abundance of high-quality and well-known products, as well as a strong team of dedicated employees with a passion for advancement and innovation.

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