Miguel and Valentino

Company Information:
Miguel&Valentino was started in 1995 by Miguel Puig of Barcelona, Spain and his family. Miguel realized that the wonderful culinary products of Spain were being overlooked in the speciality market. With the backing and the support of his family, he came to the United States and studied the market potential and saw the need for someone to import and dis- tribute high quality Spanish products. From the first 3 page catalog to one that is now 18 pages, Miguel has continued to grow the company by expanding the product line. He travels throughout Spain searching for new items while demanding the highest quality production ethics from the producers. This is just as true for the staplers as it is for the unique rare finds. Miguel&Valentino prides itself in supporting local growing cooperatives and purchasing artisan produced products that help keep alive the true Spanish culture. Over 90 % of our items feature the D.O. of their re- gion, assuring our customers that they are enjoying products of the highest quality. Miguel maintains offices in both the States and in Spain.

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