Meaty Meats Inc.

896 Lakeshore Road
Mississauga, ON L5E 1E1
(905) 278-7999
Company Information:
Meaty Meats Inc. is a family owned business conducting operations since 1984.Its federally inspected plant located in Mississauga is HACCP recognized, and the company is a registered member with the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada. The company produces and develops a full line of beef, veal, poultry and pork products selling to both the retail and food service industries. Meaty Meats specializes in nutritious, low-fat content sausages as well as in seasoned and/or marinated, ready to cook meat products. Meaty Meats caters to the Mediterranean, British, Middle Eastern, Asian and North American tastes.The products are sold in various volumes, bagged or boxed to client specifications. Supple, moist and tender, the Meaty Meats Steak is only as good as the livestock from which it is cut. Only well treated, all-natural Beef can be called a Meaty Meats Steak.

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