Would you consider yourself to be a strong problem solver? How about a team player or an effective communicator? These are all considered transferable skills.

Transferable skills as the name implies, can be “transferred” or are portable. These attributes of an individual are not specific to one industry or one job field, but applicable across different areas. To provide you with an example, lets consider two different jobs. Job one is a Management Consultant who gathers information to provide advice on financial, operational and marketing performance. Job two is a Summer Intern at a Logistics company who tracks shipments across North America. While the jobs are different and vary in experience level, there are similar transferable skills needed for succeeding in both roles. To name a few, strong written and verbal communication, attention to detail and time management. This diverse skill set is one of the many thing’s employers are seeking in a job candidate and it is your role to maximize them.

Below are some benefits of being a transferable job candidate:


Ever entered a job and been introduced to an employee who “wears multiple hats?” within the company. This person has various roles and task, and most of the time it is these flexible individuals who can be the root for success.

Being adaptable to new conditions can be an adjustment in your current mindset and is worth the transition. You want to avoid being rigid and closed off from accepting new responsibilities. The individuals who seek out new opportunities are the ones who grow and develop in a company.

Competitive Advantage

You have probably heard how competitive the job search has become and even question, how can you outperform your competitors? It comes down to your portability. Grasping knowledge from each opportunity and bringing that to new jobs can help set you apart.

Self- reflect on your experiences, resources and relationships and consider what do you have that others don’t. There are few people who have the same exact criteria or skill combination that you have and that, is a competitive advantage.


Being transferable in your skill set can help add diversity to a business, and you may end up being that missing puzzle piece needed. Being a strong communicator is crucial, but you need more than just one skill- you need a diversely skilled portfolio! Try to not only communicate efficiently but have a positive approach to work and take the time to manage and lead teams.


Getting a job comes down to not only your job experience, but your work ethic. Showing passion and determination in your work make for a higher rate of employment. Even if you don’t excel in the skills listed on the job posting, you can use your transferable skills to help land a job.

If attention to detail is required in a position you are applying for, and in a different role you also had to pay attention to detail, be sure to highlight that in your cover letter and/ or resume.

Remember to act on every opportunity, even if you feel like you aren’t the perfect match for a job! Transferable skills are a strong asset to a company and can be a main selling point in your hiring. Job specific skills can be taught and learned. Whereas, transferable skills are constantly developing as you grow in your personal and professional life.