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MR of Noblesville-Indianapolis, founded in 1987, provides executive and management search services locally, regionally and throughout the world. We enjoy long-term relationships with the great majority of our clients because of our unrelenting efforts to provide them with the highest possible level of service. Our clients include small to mid-size firms as well as Fortune 500 companies looking for a business consultant to help them acquire and retain top talent. MELANIE ALLISON “There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than finding the perfect candidate for my client and knowing that both the company and the new employee will benefit because of my efforts.” For the past eight years I have specialized in recruitment within the food and beverage manufacturing segments. I have a Bachelors of Science degree from Ohio University and have worked for three Fortune 500 companies, Kmart Corporation, Frito-Lay and Target Distribution, prior to my career with MRI-Manta Resources. I bring thirteen years of hands-on experience in distribution and transportation management, project management, strategic planning and training and development of successful teams to the table. With this diverse experience, I will work hard to assist your organization with its staffing needs. My goal is to bring the best available talent to my clients in the most efficient manner, with customer service being my greatest motivator. I am confident that you will find that I will work hard to develop not only long lasting relationships, but also a process that will meet your staff's needs and optimize your ability to recruit the best in the industry.

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