Lyo-San Inc.

500, Boul. De L'aeroparc
Lachute, QC J8H 3R8
(450) 562-8525
Company Information:
Founded in 1983, Lyo-San Inc. is a family-owned company established in Lachute, Quebec. Lyo-San is specialized in the manufacturing of freeze-drying of dairy cultures and probiotics. Dairy cultures manufactured by Lyo-San are mainly intended for use in the making of yogurt, kéfir, cheese spread and sour cream at home. Lyo-San also manufactures acidophilus, casei and bifidus type bacteria used as ingredients to make dietary supplements and natural health products. These products have been developed in collaboration with Odile Dumais , a specialist in sports nutrition and outdoors, and are marketed under the trademark Outdoor Gourmet Plein Air . Our company has several customers abroad and we have a good experience dealing with them. Our products are available in pouches, capsules or in bulk under our Yogourmet trademark or under private label. We wish to market our products globally. We seek manufacturers and distributors of natural health products and appliances to make yogurt at home

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