Love and Quiches

Company Information:
It was her passion for food and her intuitive sense of the marketplace that inspired Susan Axelrod to introduce quiche to a world unfamiliar with its rich textures and elegant flavors. Since setting up shop in her small family kitchen thirty years ago, the company she named Love and Quiches has become synonymous not only with quiche, but also with her carefully selected, handcrafted line of desserts. Susan’s children remember coming home from school and cracking fresh eggs as their part in what was fast becoming the family business. Susan drove her van between her home and New York City, wholesaling her quiches to one restaurant, one gourmet shop at a time. Before long, quiche became a restaurant staple. Susan’s extraordinary line of desserts began as a simple request from a loyal customer for pecan pie – one with that special home-baked taste her quiches were known for. Using all-natural ingredients, including real butter and Georgia pecans, Susan developed her now famous recipe, baked the pies and then froze them to capture the just-baked flavor her customers requested. The rest is history. The business outgrew the kitchen, the garage and a small, local storefront. A four-year stint in a 5,800 sq. ft. industrial park location was followed by the 65,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility that Love and Quiches Desserts calls home today. As Love and Quiches Desserts has grown in size and capability, Susan's passion for food has likewise grown. Her continued

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