Lockwood Vineyard

24600 Silver Cloud Court, Suite 104
Monterey, CA 93940
Company Information:
One of the great truisms is that world-class wines are only attainable from great vineyard locations and uncompromised excellence in winemaking. Given this ideal, Lockwood Vineyard was born in 1989 with the intent of producing premium and ultra-premium wines from a single, contiguous 1,850 acre vineyard located in the southern extremities of Monterey County. The partners of Lockwood are dedicated to the concept of estate bottled wines, a legal definition that requires 100 percent of the wine to be grown, produced and bottled from vines exclusively tended and vinified on-site.

The large estate was planted in 1981 under the direction of founding partners Paul Toeppen, Phil Johnson and Butch Lindley, who have cumulative vineyard management experience of over 90 years. The parcel was carefully chosen, having an excellent climate, soil structure and water source for premium grapes. The vineyard is one of the largest premium estate vineyards in the world, selling fruit to a handful of California’s most elite wineries.

Nestled at the base of the Santa Lucia mountains, the vineyard consists of “Lockwood Shaley Loam,” a well-drained, calcareous “chalk-rock” found in only two small areas of Central California. The soil is uniform to depths of greater than 20 feet and due to its low nutrient and mineral content, the vines are restrained and must work hard for survival. Due in part to the vineyard’s proximity to the Monterey Bay and warm rangeland to the south, Loc

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