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Tonawanda NY
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Production Worker
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NY Tonawanda

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Production Operations

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Line Utility Person

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Job Duties Description: PACKAGING DUTIES Must demonstrate the ability to adequately perform the following tasks CHUTES Keeping chutes full. If you cannot keep your chute full ask your PMO to turn down your machine. Removing sidewinders and broken or backwards cookies. Keeping machines running at all times. If you have too many cookies and too many trays, ask the PMO to turn up the machines. DO NOT OPEN CHUTES AND DUMP THE COOKIES. Removing bad cookies and replacing with good cookies from the trays. If you need help removing them, ask your PMO. When you are working chutes on Peters number 1 or 3,you should look at the stacker to make sure cookies are not jamming up. It is your responsibility to fix the jam-ups. If it does jam-up, let the person on Peters number 2 and 4 know so they can be prepared. INSPECTION Removing broken or backwards cookies. Replacing broken trays. Must be able to quickly and properly clean bucket. Proper lock out/tag out procedures must be followed. Checking frosting. When trays come down with no frosting or are messy, you have to let your PMO know so he/she can fix it. When no trays are coming down you must alert the PMO. (It is a noisy area, make sure the PMO hears you.) Do not dump bad trays. Place them on the shelf behind you and repairing them when the machine is operating properly. PACKING Making boxes and filling with the proper amount of packages. Inspecting paper - example: wrong paper, not centered, etc. Checking label or sticker for accuracy. Inspecting seals on ends and bottom. Checking after pause for burnt seals. Notifying machine operator of unacceptable product. Bad packages should be put in the closest bin, not thrown into the underweight bin. MERGE Inspecting all trays. Removing and repair bad trays. Not backing up trays. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If the trays back up this will cause a very big mess. You have to have the timing down so the merge and wrapper work together. The lead persons know the back up points. If you are constantly putting trays on or taking them off, tell the machine operator so they can adjust the wrapper speed. EXTRA Covering for breaks. Opening packages. Fixing bad trays on inspection. Sweeping. Emptying pig food barrels and helping with grinding. MACHINE BLOWER There will be two people assigned to blow out the peters machines when we have a frosting changeover. They will be assigned according to seniority. They will be responsible for blowing out the peters machine for the week. You will be given a pair of safety glasses that you must wear at all times when using the blower. OTHER Stacking boxes and supplying boxes for packagers when needed as a result of staffing and circumstances. MACHINE OPERATOR DUTIES Must demonstrate the ability to perform Machine Operator job. PETER'S MACHINE OPERATOR GUIDELINES Must demonstrate the ability to adequately perform the PMO job. OVEN OPERATOR GUIDELINES Must demonstrate the ability to adequately perform the Oven Operator job. SAFE QUALITY FOOD REQUIREMENTS Ability to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities relating to Food Safety and the Quality of the product, processes, quality system, or safety system.
Identify and record any problems relating to Food Safety and the Quality of the ingredients, processes, quality system, or safety system.

Controls further processing or delivery of nonconforming product in terms of Food Safety and Quality issues until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.

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