Leidy's Inc

Company Information:
Leidy's Inc. is a manufacturer of premium pork products. Our modern facility is located on Cherry Lane, just outside of Souderton, Pennsylvania. For the past three decades Tom and Terry Leidy have been concentrating their manufacturing efforts solely on the development and processing of special fresh cuts of pork and carefully seasoned cooked products.

Leidy's has been operating in the local agricultural industry since 1893. The Leidy family's agricultural heritage has given us the foundation we needed to mold and grow our specialized pork processing business over the last 30 plus years. We currently employ over 220 people at our Souderton location, and process 1000-1200 hogs daily.

Company owners, Terry and Tom Leidy spend a great deal of personal time with their employees to assure the products are handled and prepared to their specifications. They feel the dedication of their employees, matched with the family's careful preparation techniques have helped make the Leidy name synonymous with the finest quality in fresh and processed pork products.

Additionally, Leidy's takes advantage of new industry technology that adds some of the most modern processing and quality control devices available for an operation of our size. New technology and new quality standards will be the focus of Leidy's management team as we take our pork preparation methods into the next century.

Leidy's, Inc. has developed a very strict buying program. We hav

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