Leadbetter Foods Inc.

4 Brammer Drive
Orilla, ON L3V 7T4
(705) 325-9922
Company Information:
Established in 1974, Leadbetter Foods produces a wide variety of products, from the naturally smoked bacon, to a wide variety of marinated items. We manufacture our products under the “Cowboy Steaks” brand that is known for its excellent value, consistently tender and favorable meat. We also manufacture extra lean, deli trim Peameal bacon, 6 different flavored chicken breasts, Marinated Cowboy Steaks, and Seasoned Cowboy Burgers. All our products are vacuum packaged for an extended shelf life and consumer convenience. All of our Cowboy Steaks are cut from Canadian government inspected AAA grade beef and go through a marinating process .Cowboy Steaks are reasonably priced, as much as half the price of a striploin steak

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