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Lassonde, All In Good Taste
At Lassonde, we are proud to distinguish ourselves thanks to our quality products that feed families, here and abroad. And to achieve this, we are constantly motivating our members to excel, create and lead by example. The recipe is very simple: Lassonde, all in good taste! A taste of getting involved, giving meaning to one’s work, fulfilling oneself, doing things well; the list can go on and on. “Lassonde, all in good taste” is a call to action. Lassonde is all in, are you? We feel that anything is possible, that Lassonde makes every effort to support and take care of its people. As a result, everyone at Lassonde is committed, motivated and we know that… it’s fruitful.


  • Promoting health, both physical and mental Take advantage of the Fitness Activity Reimbursement Program* and activities such as yoga sessions and much more!
  • Taking on a variety of challenges Start your career path where it is natural to find meaning in your work and be stimulated by it.
  • Being looked after Enjoy several benefits such as Group Insurance, Retirement Plans and an Employee Assistance Program.
  • Being part of a big family Join a dynamic team where people are put forward and where talents are complementary.
  • Feeling proud every day Represent a local company, a leader in its field, that has been innovating for over 100 years!
  • Feeling celebrated Work for a company that acknowledges your efforts and milestones with various employee recognition programs, events, celebrations, etc.
  • Discovering a flexible employer and enjoying the benefits of working outside the city.
*Certain conditions apply.
Several permanent and seasonal positions, available in Rougemont, Boisbriand, Calgary and Toronto.

Day, evening and night schedules, for all talents: supervisor, forklift operator, production worker, electro mechanical technician, and many others. Join The Team
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