J.O.Y Foods

6940 Marvin D. Love Freeway
Dallas, TX 75237
(877) 366-3JOY / (972) 296-8575
Company Information:
J.O.Y. Foods, Inc. was founded in 1998 as the exclusive supplier of Pizza Hut® Pizza Packs – an innovative component pizza kit for the K–12 School segment. (Pizza Packs were developed under the direction of Joy Wallace, J.O.Y. Foods’ founder and CEO, while she was Senior Director of National Sales at Pizza Hut.) With this solid foundation, and a strong understanding of what goes into producing scratch-like, pizzeria-quality pizzas, J.O.Y. Foods has evolved into a manufacturer and marketer of a variety of branded and private label pizzas for every foodservice segment. With an emphasis on quality that sets them apart in the industry, J.O.Y. Foods uses only the finest ingredients to produce both fully-topped pizzas and component pizza kits.

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