Doing the wrong things when you’re looking for a job can sometimes jeopardize your job search. If you’re doing any of the following, try considering taking an alternative route to speed up the job hunt process:

Telling co-workers you’re looking elsewhere.

You never know what people might overhear in the work environment, or what coworkers might leak information to supervisors and those in management positions. Keep your job search confidential and inform those you work with once you have secured a new position and have talked to your supervisor.

Showing up late for an interview.

If you’ve landed a job interview, you don’t want to threaten your chances of getting a job by being late for an interview. Employers want employees who are punctual so planning your route ahead of time and arriving on the earlier side shows you’re respectful of others and their time. Don’t botch your next interview, review 5 mistakes that can ruin a job interview.

Sending unprofessional emails.

Are you reading over your email correspondence with potential employers before hitting the send button? As electronic communication plays a large role in today’s job search, you don’t want to make simple mistakes that can be prevented. Here are tips for job search email do’s and don’ts.

Forgetting to tell your references you’re looking.

If you haven’t informed your references that you’re looking for work, you might want to pick up the phone or write them an email. Your references are there to help you get a job, and you want them to be prepared when an employer calls.

Using generic application materials.

If you’re still using the same cover letter for each job you’re applying to, it’s time to stop. Targeting your cover letter and resume to the job and company you’re applying to will increase your chances of getting to the interview round. Check out tips to make your job application stand out before submitting your next application.

Forgetting to change social media privacy settings.

Today, a great deal of employers are searching potential candidates on social media as part of the hiring process. If you haven’t changed your privacy settings on your social media accounts, employers might be able to find out information about you that you wouldn't normally admit to a potential employer.

Looking for a job can be a pain – stop making the mistakes listed above and start moving your job hunt in the right direction. 

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