Job Seeker F.A.Q.s

  • How am I assured of confidentiality?

    You submit a profile which is anonymous (if conducting a confidential search, you code your present employer, i.e., if working for a Pepsi plant in Chicago, put "Midwest Soft Drink bottler). It is also best to paste your resume into your profile. You can always omit any personal or contact information. If an employer is interested in your profile, they send an email to you (an email icon is displayed - not your actual address). If you are interested in exploring that opportunity, you can send a resume back to the employer. You have control of who sees your resume and contact information. To learn more about coding resumes Click Here.

  • When I posted my profile, I noticed a Personal Information box. What happens to this information if I choose to fill it out?

    The Personal Information section is optional for jobseekers. If you are actively seeking employment and wish to share your personal information with employers and recruiters, you can fill this section out and post it as part of your profile. However if privacy is important, you can leave this section blank (please see the above notice of confidentiality to learn how to code your resume).

  • How can an Employer find my profile?

    Employers screen candidate profiles by the exact same parameters you use to complete your profile - so please be as complete as possible when registering. Employers also have the option to search by key word, which is why including your resume can be very helpful.

  • Why is your site superior to other employment sites?

    You can be informed of excellent new opportunities and not endanger your present employment status by being a passive jobseeker. Also, our search parameters are specific to the Food and Beverage Manufacturing, so interested employers CAN FIND YOU!

  • Are there any costs to me?

    As a Job Seeker there is absolutely NO cost to you for both posting a Confidential Profile or unlimited access to our job posting.

  • How often should I update my profile?

    You will be sent an automatic email every few months reminding you to update your profile. Updating is important because it lets employers and recruiters know the resume and information for you is still correct.

  • Are there other times I should update my profile?

    Any change in your circumstances should be updated immediately. These could include a change in your current status, i.e. employed/unemployed, a change in the company you work for, a salary increase, a change in relocation preferences or restrictions, or any other changes that affect your job search. Having an up-to-date profile will improve your chances of getting noticed on!

  • Do Recruiters have access to my profile?

    Recruiters have access to your anonymous profile but you retain control of whether or not to send them a resume.