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About Hood Founded: 1846 in Charlestown, Massachusetts by Harvey Perley Hood. Although founded in New England, Hood has become a national company distributing dairy products throughout the United States. HP Hood LLC Headquarters: New Address as of 6/15/2007: Six Kimball Lane | Lynnfield, MA | 01940 Tel. (617) 887-3000 or (800) 343-6592 Business: In 2004, HP Hood became HP Hood LLC when it acquired New York-based Crowley Foods and Minnesota-based Kemps LLC, adding to Hood’s portfolio of national and super-regional brands as well as processing and distribution operations. Today, HP Hood LLC is one of the largest branded dairy operators with 23 manufacturing plants throughout the United States. In Hood’s traditional home territory of New England, Hood branded lines of milk, creams, ice cream, cottage cheese and sour cream regularly rank number one in the six-state area. Hood also has national and super-regional franchise rights to process and sell extended-shelf-life products including LACTAID, Nesquik, Coffee-mate, Stonyfield Farm Organic Milk, Arizona FRESH Iced Tea, Southern Comfort Eggnog and Hood Calorie Countdown reduced carb dairy beverages. Hood maintains its own research and development operation, which has enabled us to maintain a more than 150-year-old tradition of successful product innovation. HP Hood LLC Annual Sales: Approximately $2.3 billion HP Hood LLC Employees: Approximately 5,000 Management:(Alphabetical Order) Bruce W. Bacon, Vice President, Human Resources H. Scott Blake, Senior Vice President, Operations Lynne M. Bohan, Vice President, Public Relations and Government Affairs Theresa M. Bresten, Vice President, Treasurer Gary R. Kaneb, Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey J. Kaneb, Vice President John A. Kaneb, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer James A. Marcinelli, Vice President, Controller Paul C. Nightingale, Senior Vice President, General Counsel Margaret A. Poole, Ph.D., Vice President, Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Mike J. Suever, Senior Vice President, R&D, Engineering and Procurement Francis V. Torgerson, Vice President, Operations Services James F. Walsh, Executive Vice President, Sales Products: Hood produces a variety of branded, private label, licensed, and franchise products including milk, cultured foods, citrus, extended shelf-life dairy, frozen desserts, non-dairy and specialty drinks. Customers: Chains and independent retailers, convenience stores, food service channels and in New England, home delivery customers. In New England, you can have Hood products delivered right to your door!

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