Grupo Herdez S.A. de C.V.

78395 San Luis
San Luis Potosi
Mexico, +52 444 824
Company Information:
Grupo Herdez is one of the leading companies in the food processing sector in Mexico, with a significant presence in U.S. and Canada. Thanks to the experience of more than 90 years in the market, Herdez has positioned itself as a company of great prestige both nationally and internationally recognized for the high quality of their food products.

The Company produces and markets over 600 products with brands: Herdez, Del Fuerte, McCormick, Mrs. Mary, Barilla, Yemina, Vesta, Nair, Embasa, La Victoria, Buffalo, La Gloria, Charlotte, Crest, and Hormel, among other , which have a high recognition and market value. Additionally, distributes and markets Kikkoman soy sauce and Ocean Spray cranberry drinks.

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