Gruma Corporation

1159 Cottonwood Ln # 200
Irving, TX 75038-6109
(972) 232-5000 () ?
Company Information:
GRUMA is the most globalized food company in Mexico and a worldwide leader in the corn flour and tortilla production. GRUMA has operations in Mexico, United States, Europe, Central America, Venezuela, Asia and Oceania with the presence of its maseca and misson brands. In May of 1949, the first processed corn flour production plant in the world was inaugurated in Cerralvo, Nuevo León, signaling the beginning of GRUMA. The parent company, Molinos Aztec (“Aztec Mills”) was launched as the first processor of processed corn flour in the world. The company’s competitive advantage permitted GRUMA to develop in Mexico as well as on an international scale.

In the early 1970s, GRUMA launched its products on the Central American markets, specifically in Costa Rica. By 1976 the brand had arrived to the United States, achieving a sustained growth in sales volume. The late 1980s and early 1990s saw GRUMA expanding operations by opening plants in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. In the early 2000s, GRUMA plants were opened in England, Italy, Holland, Asia and Shanghai, China. Today, GRUMA is a global food company that is proud to be the world leader in the production of corn flour and tortilla as well as a major player in the wheat flour and staple foods. GRUMA also has leading brands in most markets, has 99 plants in more than 100 countries and more than 20,000 employees worldwide.

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