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Grande Cheese Co.
Grande Career Center - GCC Dairy Road
Brownsville, WI. 53006-0067

: 920-269-7200
Fax: 920-269-1435


Grande makes its world• class cheeses in Wisconsin…America’s Dairyland. Our cheese making facilities here, along with our technology center and home offices, provide employment and a secure future for more than six hundred Associates. Each Associate has a clear perspective of his or her mission and how it supports the goals of our company. We know that together, we are responsible for fulfilling the high standards that Filippo engrained in this organization.

Our corporate culture is based upon human dignity, pride, professional excellence and mutual respect. The tremendous success of our ASE concept, Associates Striving for Excellence, is testimony to that culture at work. We cultivate and maintain an environment here where new ideas can germinate and grow. Concepts for improving our existing products are continually researched and ideas for new products to meet customers’ future needs are created and thoroughly tested in our technology center.