Good Nature

Goodnature Products Inc.

Goodnature Products Inc.
3860 California Rd.
Orchard Park, NY

Phone: 716.855.3325


We have two buildings that comprise the home office facility of Allpax. The Engineering and Administration building is located directly in front of our Production building. Our facility is located in Covington, Louisiana, which is about a 45 minute drive from the New Orleans International Airport. We designed and built this building back in 1995 as a people-friendly, productive, facility.

We acquired a slogan that was brought in by one of our employees a few years ago: “The Customer is the Most Important Person In Our Business.” This slogan is a lot easier to say than it is to put into practice, but we keep it in front of us at all times. For us to be successful, we have to make our customer successful and happy that Allpax was selected as the vendor.

We’ve found that there must be a proper balance between work and families. Work is important, but families are important, too - and we try not to sacrifice one for the other. There are times when we have to, “hit the hardball,” and put in the extra effort. There are times when families must come first.

We’ve tried to develop IMPACT VENDORS - a select group of people and companies that help to make us the best possible supplier to our customer. We try to form business relationships that survive good and lean times. We do business with vendors who want to help make Allpax a success.

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