Gollott Seafood

Company Information:
C.F. Gollott opened his seafood business in D'Iberville Mississippi in 1932, but his family's bond with the sea and its bounty goes back much further, when young C.F. and his father gathered and sold fresh seafood from the Gulf. Since opening the business, C.F.-joined by his son Arny-led the way taking fresh seafood to regions thathad never enjoyed such delicacies before, Throughout the years, they faced the harsh reality of making their living by the sea-recovering from several severe storms, rebuilding completely after Hurricane Camille in 1969. Keeping the family tradition, today the business is run by Arny's five sons, who operate their factory 24 hours a day using state-of-the-art equipent located on the premises of the retail market, allowing them to give their wholesale clients the best service and to provide their customers with the freshest, seafood.

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