Gluek Brewing Company

219 Red River Ave N
Cold Spring, MN 56320
Company Information:
Gluek Brewing Co., the largest brewery in Minnesota, is a leader in making and selling high quality beer, water and non-alcoholic beverages. By combining the pure spring water of Cold Spring with its original recipes, Gluek produces hundreds of beverages for national and international companies. Gluek’s head brewmaster is a top award winner in national brewing competitions.

Gluek is the #1 energy drink and specialty drink producer in the country and the #1 producer of exclusive beer and craft beer brands for major retailers in the United States and other companies throughout the world.

Gluek Golden Pilsner, and "American Continental Lager" demonstrated the dominant beer style that originated over one hundred fifty years ago in the city of Plzen being located in Bohemia in the present-day Czech Republic.

Gluek Golden Pilsner with it's rich golden hue and fine lacing has a clean palate in which the basic ingredients of malt and hops are blended with the finest lager yeast resulting in a smooth and mellow character. It's clean, simple flavor is an ideal accompaniment with any type of food.

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