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Industry: Bakery & Baked Goods
Address: 82 Sanderson Ave, Lynn, MA 07902
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Gillian's Foods produces gluten free products for health food stores on the East and West coasts.  Gillian's Foods produces a wide array of products including breads, pastas, stuffing, flours, pizza, baking mixes, and even desserts.  Gillian's Foods is committed to producing their products in a gluten, wheat, tree nut and peanut free environment.

Gillian's Foods is currently hiring for food manufacturing jobs and careers including maintenance jobs, quality assurance jobs, food safety jobs, food science jobs, research and development jobs and more.

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Gillian's Foods - Salem, MA
Baked Goods manufacturer Would you like to work for a growing, healthy, nautral, good for you, family-owned company, where...
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