Geyser Peak Winery

22281 Chianti Road-Box 25
Geyserville, CA 95441
Company Information:
At Geyser Peak Winery we have the freedom to combine traditional techniques with New World innovations to make the best wines possible. Below are a few innovations, most notably rotary fermentation, that illustrate our commitment to passionate winemaking.

Much passion and care go into the growing of our grapes. So our winemakers insist on treating the grapes in the gentlest manner possible during harvest and fermentation. The use of rotary fermentation is an an excellent mechanism to ensure the most effective extraction of rich, full-bodied, intensely-colored wines from our grapes.

While we use the more traditional techniques for barrel fermenting most of our Chardonnay wines, we take a slightly different tact in barrel fermenting some of our red wines in the pursuit of unique, more complex tastes. How? By draining down rotary and static fermenters directly to the oak barrel while there are still a few degrees Brix (a measurement of the percentage of sugar in a fruit juice) in the must (the juice/pulp/skin slurry.) This allows the last few percent of sugar to be finished off while in contact with the oak in barrels. We find that we get a better integration of oak flavor in our wines though this unique process. And ultimately, achieving more complex red wines.

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