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Industry: Bakery & Baked Goods
Address: 501 Conestoga Way, Henderson, NV 89002
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Flowers Foods produces and markets a wide variety of fresh and frozen bakery foods—from breads, buns, and rolls to snack cakes and pastries.

The company maintains some of the most efficient and technologically advanced bakeries in the country and has a team of outstanding employees and associates. Each bakery operates as a separate subsidiary of the company and has its own president, human resources director, and controller.

Flowers Foods could not bake, market, or distribute its products without the talent, dedication, and hard work of thousands of employees, associates, and independent distributor partners. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to do their best are vital to the success of our company. 

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Flowers Baking Co. Henderson - Henderson, NV
Summary Engineering technicians perform scheduled as well as unscheduled maintenance tasks. They must possess st...
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